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Chris Turvill

                 Chris is a guitarist/bassist with rock roots that proliferate into funk, jazz, experimental and classical territories. Chris spent his youth taking lessons in guitar, bass and piano, teaching himself how to play his favorite rock records and playing bass in his high school jazz band, all in Houston, TX. Moving to Austin for college brought experience playing at various clubs in the underground scene with Pulse & Theory and Inverted Colors, as well as the development of his production chops via college courses in audio engineering and his wall-of-sound/post-rock project The Living Planet. A California excursion allowed him to spend a few years in the state he was born in yet never really knew beyond infancy, and kickstarted the transformation of the Living Planet project into Quasar Cycles, after difficulty launching projects in a small town atmosphere, alongside the ease of developing satisfying loop rhythms with slap bass and harmonic ambiance.

          Returning to Austin in 2014 and getting his bearings with a music teaching career running after-school programs, Quasar Cycles started to develop into it’s fuller vision of droning space funk with the release of 2015’s ‘Quasar Cycles of the Living Planet”. In 2018, “Outside Standard Time” not only did the loops expand in time and depth but also took an experimental field-recording approach by being recorded in two distinct environments: Jones Auditorium at St. Edward’s University and Sense & Color School of Music, where Chris has taught since 2015.  Soon afterwards, Chris collaborated with I Am The Albatross and New Car Caviar, and also began his Suzuki training with renowned teacher-trainer Andrea Cannon.

    The third Quasar Cycles album “Coasting the Solstice” was released on December 18th, 2020 on Bandcamp before making it’s streaming debut the following month, showcasing longer, more complex loops and layers. Quasar Cycles had a residency at Pacha Café in Austin before the pandemic, and in the meantime currently streams live performances once or twice a week on various platforms such as Twitch and Reddit.  Chris is currently booking for outdoor events both as Quasar Cycles and for his solo-guitar repertoire of standards and covers, as well as for remote session work on guitar and bass.

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